Fanworks Permission Statement Builder

(Originally built by flamingwell)

Creating a fanworks permission statement (aka blanket permission statement, aka transformative works permission statement) is an easy way to let other fan creators know what you are—and are not —okay with when it comes to making works inspired by your fan creations. By posting what you are and aren't comfortable with in a public place (usually your profile on AO3), other fan creators have a quick and easy way to tell what you are and aren't okay with.
Do you love the idea of someone making something inspired by your fan creations? That might mean you get pleasantly surprised by podfic or fanart! Do you prefer no one make something inspired by what you've created? That might mean not having to turn people down who contact you requesting permission. Do you have something more nuanced in mind? Let people know!
Should you create a statement even if you don't think anyone will be interested in creating something inspired by your work? YES!!! There's nothing egotistical about making your preferences clear, and you might be surprised by people finding inspiration in what you've created!
Is this only for fanfic writers? Absolutely not! Your fellow fans may be inspired by all kinds of fanworks! Fanart might inspire fic based on the fanart, or fanwork on the same theme in a different medium. Podfics might be a great resource for other audio fanworks, from using similar effects to using a clip of your audio in a different context. Fanbinding might inspire an artist to create something with similar colors or patterns. Fandom is infinitely creative and you might be surprised by how someone is inspired by your work! (A few of the questions in this builder may be particular to fanworks that have words in them, such as questions about fanbinding or translations, but as a whole this permission creator is built for ALL fan creators!)
This fanworks permission statement builder takes a few minutes to ask you some questions about your preferences, and it'll give you an easy template to post directly to AO3 or to give you a starting point so you can edit it however you want to make sure what you post says exactly what YOU want it to say! And you can always go back to edit again later if you change your mind.
While using this Builder, you can always rewind a step by clicking the gray arrow in the top right-hand corner of the section you want to rewind to.
If anything isn't working right, you can reach out to us on Tumblr at @fanworkpermissionstatementbldr, or email us at permission [dot] statement [dot] builder [at] gmail [dot] com. We can't promise an immediate response, but we'll respond as quickly as possible!
Are you ready? LET'S GET STARTED!
Do you want to have the same permission statement for different types of transformative works, or do you have different statements for these different types of transformative works? Some common types of transformative works include:
- podfic
- translation
- fanart
- remix
- prequels/sequels
- fanbinding
I want to have the same permission statement for all
I have different opinions about permission for different types of fan work