Imagine Your Adventure: Puss-in-Boots

Brandon Tiongison

Once upon a time there lived a miller and his three sons in a town long forgotten. As old as the miller was, he decided to give his finest items to his sons upon death: the oldest will receive his mill, the middle son will use his donkey and the youngest will be left the cat.
Upon the day of the miller's death, the youngest son was downtrodden since what work could a cat do? It can't bear heavy loads, process grains or do any work that could earn money for himself!
In this story, YOU are the cat. To honor the miller, you wish to do right by his youngest son and prove that you are the greatest gift of them all! *-[To begin, click one of the options below.]-*
"Don't worry! I am more than just a cat. I am the best hope you have for fame and fortune!"
"Meow? Meooooow!"