Droplet's Adventure

City of Wilmington Earth Day and Arbor Day Celebration

/=*-SCENE: -*Booming thunder opens the scene and droplet is falling from the sky, but is comforted by friends Misty and Drizz. =/
The sky is dark and opens with a CRASH! Lightning illuminates the sky and rain starts pouring. Droplet is falling from the sky, surrounded by other rain drops. Droplet yells for their parents into the dark abyss, but it’s no use. The thunder is too loud and muffles Droplet’s attempts for locating their family. Droplet thinks to themself, what am I to do? The sky has opened up and I’m falling and there’s nothing I can do. Droplet continues to worry about the future, but then suddenly, some familiar faces appear.
“Hey Droplet! We’ve never fallen from the sky before! How exciting!” exclaims their friend, Drizz. Drizz and Droplet spent a lot of time together as friends in the sky. Droplet responds with a shaky voice,
Droplet responds with a shaky voice, “I’m not so sure “exciting” is the word I would use! Have you seen my family?”
Droplet turns in surprise to hear their other friend Misty reply instead of Drizz, “Yes! I saw them fall from the sky not too far from here! Don’t worry Droplet, I’m sure you’ll be reunited with your family soon. Go with the flow and you’ll see them in no time!”
Droplet replies, “I hope you’re right, Misty! I miss my family terribly. How do I know where to go?”
Drizz’s voice echoes in the distance, “Whatever path you chose, be confident in your choice! See you soon, friend!”
The ground is getting closer. In fact, too close for Droplet’s comfort.
“Here goes nothing!”
Green Space