Tremor in the Night


It had been an absolutely exhausting day filled with meetings with clients. Becky was expecting to be back at home, but bad weather caused the only flight off the island to be cancelled. Fortunately, it was the holiday off-season, and she was able to find herself a room in a cheap hotel by the beach.
As soon as she got into her room, Becky stripped off her clothes. She hadn't packed for an overnight stay and didn't have anything other than her handbag and the clothes she had on. Not wanting to wear her work clothes to sleep, and with a warm night ahead, she decided to sleep naked.She unbuttoned her blouse and hung it carefully on the chair, not wanting to get it wrinkled. The bra came off immediately afterwards, flung into the corner of the room, allowing her ample breasts to jiggle freely and joyfully. She unzipped her pants and let them slide to the carpet. Finally, she untied her ponytail and let her shiny brown hair cascade over her shoulders. She gave herself a cheeky wink in the mirror, playfully considering taking a nude selfie, but decided against it. She did a few mock poses instead, puffing out her chest and squeezing her soft breasts. A slight exhibitionist streak ran through her, and the thought of being forced outside naked made her feel more than a little sweaty. She decided to stop playing around before she got too distracted in this foreign place.
She slid under the clean covers. Like with any hotel, it was unnatural compared to her own bed, but it was soft and comfy. At some point it was getting too warm, and she slid off her panties. Now fully naked, Becky felt her body reach just the right temperature for her to drift off to sleep.
In her exhausted sleep, she found herself dreaming of exploring the white sandy beaches of the islands. In this dream, she was completely naked, running around like she was in the Sound of Music. She did a short running hop, but was stopped short when she landed on a patch of wet sand, sinking to her knee. "Oh, quicksand?" she thought to herself. She playfully pumped her legs, hoping to sink deeper, though to her dream's disappointment, she couldn't.
Her ears began to hurt. She only began to become aware of a high pitched squeal. She wanted to stand up and respond to whatever the awful noise was, but her feet were stuck firm.
Force her way out
Stay there