Oops! Looks like you searched for a non-existing story.

You might have followed a link to a story stored on the legacy version of Inklewriter.

If so there is a solution to your problem!

Old stories can be imported out of the old database and into the new one, but the process should be fast and easy. You can start importing now:

  1. Head to the legacy version of inklewriter to grab your the story data in JSON format (if it exists, of course).
  2. Open in another tab this version of inklewriter at inklewriter.com.
  3. You'll need to first register a new account on the new version to import your story
  4. Once logged in, click on the import link.
  5. Copy the JSON data from your story, and paste it into the text area of the import box, and click Import.
  6. Next click on the "open" link: your story should be here, ready to open.